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leh ladakh roadtrip


Leh Ladakh road trip is a dream trip of every adventurist. The beauty of Leh Ladakh with some of the highest motorable passes in the world, twinkling stars, mesmerizing lakes, and brightest rainbows are beyond words. But, to reach this picturesque land, one has to cross the most difficult terrain with poor infrastructure and poor connectivity is a real challenge. So to overcome these obstacles we have compiled a list of some Do’s and Don’t. You must keep these in mind before proceeding for your Leh Ladakh road trip.

Do’s for a Leh Ladakh Road trip 

Do make sure you are comfortable with driving in Mountains

While on your Leh Ladakh road trip you will cross numerous treacherous roads that get worsened after entering Jammu and Kashmir. Mountains give you a mesmerizing view but roads become challenging at times. So make sure you are comfortable in driving on hilly areas, steep slopes and along the deep valleys. Road Trip to Leh Ladakh demands full concentration as little ignorance can cost you. Thus, to enjoy your journey you must drive safely with proper guidance and safety gadgets.   

Do carry your medicines are other essentials

Ladakh is known as a remote area in the world. So it becomes difficult at the time of emergency to find medicines and other eateries. You are always advised to carry medicines that you use on a regular basis. Moreover, you should also have some sort of basic food on your road trip to Leh Ladakh.

You should always keep Medicines for cold, cough, High temperature, AMS, loose motions and any other medications if prescribed by a doctor.

Do make sure your paperwork is complete and in proper order

Ladakh shares its boundaries with neighboring countries. So, you will find a number of checkpoints and army presence in the area. Therefore, to enter in the specific zone you have to get the permit. For instance, an Indian resident will need Inner Line Permit and Foreign residents will need a Protected area permit. Thus you have to carry all your important documents like Identity proof and Driving Licence (Passport for International tourists).

Do carry your Toiletries

Till Jammu and Kashmir, you will find numerous Toilets but after that, it becomes very limited and unhygienic. So make sure you carry toilet paper and hand sanitizer for your Leh Ladakh Roadtrip as you will going to need it.  

Do wear multiple layers of Clothes

While on your Leh Ladakh road trip you will cross different mountains passes and the weather and temperature will also keep on changing. So you should always carry multiple layering clothes that will keep your body warm accordingly. 


Don’t for a Leh Ladakh Roadtrip

Don’t rely on Google Maps Blindly

If you follow Google Maps blindly than there is a high chance that you will end up with the shortest route which will be in the worst condition. As a result, it will be risky and can take double your time. Moreover, the duration to reach the desired destination suggest by google map is always wrong because Leh Ladakh terrain usually takes more time than the normal plain areas. So, you should always be a bit aware of the route and roads before starting your Leh Ladakh road trip on your bike. 

Furthermore, you should always try to stay on the highway as much as possible. Also, try to take the help of locals or if possible take a guide with you.

Don’t depend on Phone and Internet Connectivity

Ladakh is one of the remote areas of the world, as a result, mobile connectivity is extremely poor in this area. Only postpaid Airtel and BSNL connections work in some of the major cities of Leh. However, Internet connectivity is a myth. So, it is almost impossible to browse the Internet. Moreover, if you are a person who doesn’t mind staying away from the Internet. Then, it will be a perfect digital detox holiday for you.

Don’t Forget Your Sunscreen

Don’t forget to take sunscreen with the highest SPF for your body and face. The sunlight at high altitude is bound to make your skin look dark, burn and Dry. So make sure you carry a good quality sunscreen and lip balm.

Don’t be too fussy about food and Accommodation

Leh Ladakh lies at an altitude of 10,000 feet. Living conditions at such a height is extremely difficult as resources are limited. But in spite of such limitations, the locals try their best to provide a pleasant experience to tourists with their friendly hospitality. So, stop complaining about the food and accommodation and enjoy the beauty of Ladakh with a smile on your face.

Don’t forget to charge the batteries of your Camera

On your road trip to Leh Ladakh, you will come across a plethora of picturesque and breathtaking views that are click-worthy. So, always remember to charge your batteries of a camera and also carry some extra batteries to capture some beautiful memories.


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